Identity for Hero Production. The company, owned by Heather Hero, produces photoshoots for brands such as Banana Republic, Levi’s, Gap, and Dockers, as well as others outside the apparel industry.
Gum by color.
Gum flattened.
Web site for architecture firm, Koning Eizenberg.
Under pressure to grow GDP each year, nations continue to overuse and sell-off their limited natural resources to increase economic expansion. As populations grow and the Earth’s resources are constrained, the effects can become disastrous. Global Footprint Network is a team of “ecological accountants” measuring human pressure on the planet. Countries that integrate the organization’s results, and other Footprint tools, into their economic policy have a much better chance to succeed in a world of limited resources.
The first version of this idea used a flock of geese. The geese evolved into a herd of reindeer and then elephants and, finally, a herd of zebras. The image acknowledges the brand’s safari history and is used for shopping bags, store windows, in-store signs, advertising and online communications.